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XPJ is a dynamic collective of former Pararescuemen, armed with a versatile skillset that enhances and empowers teams in various protective sectors. We bring to the table not just expertise in combat operations but also proficiency in medical interventionts, offering a unique 2-in-1 solution.




XPJ specialists offer unique advantages over traditional medical personnel. In times of scarcity or heightened risk, this team is invaluable due to their expertise as tacticians, survival experts, and extended care providers in remote and challenging locations


With Two Decades of Formidable Experience Drawn from Diverse Global Conflict Zones, The Rescue Specialists at XPJ Have Cemented Their Status as Unmatched Professionals in Their field. Their Expertise Extends Beyond Conflict Resolution, Consistently Spearheading Humanitarian Aid Missions Both Domestically and Overseas. In The Private Sector, They Offer Top-Tier Services to Ultra High Net Worth Clients Around the Clock

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